Rosemount Hotel wins the 2019 AHA WA Live Entertainment Venue Award

Live music venues are the new talent cultivators - the Rosemount Hotel, winner of best Live Entertainment Venue Award from the AHA Hospitality Awards for Excellence, is one such example.

The Rosemount Hotel has been a vital part of the Perth community for over a century. Hosting up to ten gigs a week the Rosemount Hotel has proven to be one of WA’s long lasting live music allies. This year its efforts have been recognised, taking home the Live Entertainment Venue Award at the 2019 AHA Hospitality Awards for Excellence.

The venue hosts live music in their main room The incubator space Four5Nine and The Backyard up to seven days a week and also runs live music events in their Carpark.
Their commitment to music and tight connection to their community are the reason the venue has stayed strong for so many years.

“Our community is built around a shared love of live music. Music is an energy source reminding us that we are humans sharing this existence together. Music is life” says Cool Perth Nights' director Andrew Ryan, about The Rosemount.

“Live music venues are the operational cash flow generator of Australian live music and a lot of weight is placed upon them. You have to have the passion and experience and be willing to work hard. If you are doing it just to make money, go and do something else”.

The Rosemount has recently moved to OneMusic Australia after many years supporting music creators through APRA AMCOS and PPCA. “It is good to have the one entity of OneMusic to engage with rather than two” says Andrew.


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