Christmas music styles

100 years + 100,000+ Australasian music creators – OneMusic’s advice on not letting Christmas cramp your music style.

1. Do you have permission for playing Christmas or any other type of music?

Santa will definitely visit you if you been a good music citizen. You need permission to play Christmas carols or any music in your business, and OneMusic offers an easy music licence solution.

You still need a music licence when you have Spotify playing in your business, OneMusic Australia is clear about that. The Spotify company has paid for royalties for personal/home use but has not paid royalties for business use and this must be paid by you. Check the terms and conditions of your Spotify agreement. There is important information in there about using the service beyond personal/home use.

2. It’s November - have you already started playing Christmas music?

Shoppers don’t start Christmas shopping in earnest until 1 December, says a report released last week by Deloitte(US).[1]

OneMusic Australia says if shoppers are not in the mood, don’t annoy them with too many renditions of Silent Night. And remember, your staff have ears too and might just be turning the music right down low when you’re not around. A UK psychologist says there is a drop in productivity for holiday retail workers forced to hear the same songs on repeat.[2]

One journalist says it's a workers' rights issue. This would have to be the only downside to the power of music, Adam Johnson said. “Unlike how we can close our eyes to things we don't want to see, we can't close our ears to sound,” neuroscientist Jessica Grahn said to Adam in a radio interview.[3]

Clinical psychologist Linda Blair said, “You simply are spending all your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing”.

3. Do you walk away from your brand and style with your choice of Christmas music tracks?

Find Christmas music that is consistent with your vibe: jazz, soul or even songs in a different language, be original and remember the work you’ve done to create a lovely ambiance in your business the other 300+ days of the year.

4. How much Christmas music are you playing?

60:40 is enough. A good blend of non-Christmas and Christmas music is refreshing. It’s good to introduce Christmas music every 3rd song to keep the playlist fresh.

[1] Deloitte 2019 holiday retail survey.

[2] Science Confirms Christmas Music Is Bad for Your Mental Health. Friday, F. Observer. 21 December 2017.

[3] Starbucks' music is driving employees nuts. A writer says it's a workers' rights issue. Johnson, A. CBC Radio website. 25 February 2019.

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