Deal with on organisation for music licence

“Dealing with only one organisation will definitely make things easier”, says Ken Weaver owner of Banshees Bar and Art Space.

Ipswich Banshees Bar and Art Space has championed art and live music from the very beginning. Owners Ken and Nina Weaver, artists and APRA AMCOS songwriter members, started the small family business in 2018 alongside Nina's brother Tom.

“Nina and I wanted to see and create more original art in our city of Ipswich and we set up Banshees so this could happen. We also love small bars and built the sort of bar we would love to hang out in” says Ken Weaver.

Featuring colourful walls, recycled bus seats and original art, Banshees is known for its good vibes and for making everyone feel comfortable the minute they walk in. Music is essential to the Banshee experience and it’s always playing either via recordings or live performance says Ken. He assures if Banshees was a band it would be Midnight Oil.

The venue currently holds a music licence to play background and live music in their premises. “We proudly pay our licence fees so artists can be paid for their art and to help ensure the copyright in their art is recognised and protected. Dealing with only one organisation will definitely make things easier.”

Banshees proudly supports local artists and uses their space to contribute to the cultural development of the region. Nina only books original music and deliberately and carefully selects different genres. Patrons don’t know what they are going to hear each week which creates a great feeling of openness and change.

Music is not the only element that plays an important role at the venue. Banshees also actively supports local community activists and holds fundraising and awareness events regularly.

Before opening the venue, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to many supporters they reached the $3000 goal to help with the opening. Banshees is clearly a great example of community love and hard work. In Nina’s words, the payoff is being part of the creative buzz that happens in Ipswich’s wonderful artistic and art loving community.

Photo: Death by Carrot performing at Banshees Bar and Art Space

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