Do you need a music licence for Zumba?

Even if there is a licence in place for other parts of the world for your Zumba music that is protected by copyright, you need to check if this covers Australian use - generally it does not. You likely need a separate, local licence.

Zumba music has to have copyright clearance in all markets including Australia

Much of the Zumba music used in Australia comes from the US. Some of that music is licensed for that territory, but not here in Australia.

Zumba UA website

"Instructors must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances in the country, state and locality in which the instructor teaches Zumba classes and approved events and obtain all appropriate government approvals pertaining to marketing, advertising, or providing Instructor’s services".

 If you do not have a licence for use of our music in in-person Zumba classes in Australia you need a OneMusic Music in Classes licence.

If you have 6 or more locations, please complete this form instead:

Zumba classes online

Licensing music played live for online Zumba classes (called live streaming) is different to licensing music for in-person Zumba classes.

If you play our music to your Australian customers in an online Zumba class you would normally need to go and get permission and pay a fee to all the copyright owners (publishers and record labels) for that use.

ZIN™ Volumes and Megamix CDs

If you use ZIN Volumes or Megamix CDs in in-person Zumba classes, you’ll save 48.25% on the Music in Classes rate. That’s because they contain ‘sound-alike recordings’ which you may know as ‘PPCA-Free music’, featuring recording artists paid directly by Zumba. That means we remove the PPCA portion as we only need to pay royalties to the songwriters who composed those melodies and lyrics. We’ll also remove the digital copy/delivery fee.

ZIN™ Play app no digital music (streaming) service

If you only play music through the ZIN™ Play app we'll remove the fee for digital copy/delivery as Zumba has already covered that for you. 

ZIN™ Play app with a digital music (streaming) service

You will have to pay a digital copy/delivery fee if you include, play or use music sourced from Spotify, Apple Music or a similar service. That’s because those services have not paid that fee for you (they pay a different kind of royalty fee for personal listening).


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