OneMusic Zumba music licence options

Two ways Australian Zumba instructors can manage OneMusic licensing fees and still stay legal.

If you play commercial music in your Zumba class you’ll need a Music in Classes licence. Over 85% of your licence fee is paid as royalties to the songwriters behind the songs (APRA) and the recording artists singing and playing on those tracks (PPCA). Included in the overall cost of a Music in Classes licence are fees that separately cover both APRA and PPCA, and a fee for digital copy/delivery. Depending on what type of music you play, and how, you may qualify for a deduction.

If you’re still only using ZIN™ Volumes and Megamixes on CD you’ll save 48.25% on the Music in Classes rate. That’s because they contain ‘sound-alike recordings’ which you may know as ‘PPCA-Free music’, featuring recording artists paid directly by Zumba. That means we remove the PPCA portion as we only need to pay royalties to the songwriters who composed those melodies and lyrics. We’ll also remove the digital copy/delivery fee of $400.


If you only play music through the ZIN™ Play app we'll remove the $400 fee for digital copy/delivery as Zumba has already covered that for you. 

You will have to pay the $400 digital copy/delivery fee if you include, play or use music sourced from Spotify, Apple Music or a similar service. That’s because those services have not paid that fee for you (they pay a different kind of royalty fee for personal listening).

Our team is always happy to go over this on the phone 1300 162 162 or through live chat or on email.

OneMusic is looking at this situation and may update this information.

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