Bushfires and music help

OneMusic’s pay-it-forward ideas, to help raise money for bushfire-affected businesses.

Audrey Hepburn said “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

And a note: OneMusic is offering complimentary licences for any music event specifically raising funds for this cause.

  1. Have a laneway party with the right tunes to set the scene. Ask your landlord and local Council if you could host a fundraiser. Ask your beauty and hospitality neighbours to pitch in. You could even set up a VIP area with wait service, a rug and comfy seats and cushions and some specials racks for customers to browse through.
  1. Create a fashion-fest. Get some stalls together with your neighbours, clients, friends and even your competition! Run a mini fashion parade or a tutorial on ‘shopping for shape’, mini makeovers, a relaxing tai chi class. Jax Boutique in Utah in the United States even ran a bushfire fundraiser for our NSW firies! Now that’s the spirit!
  1. Task a local high school music class to create a song about the fires. Pay them to perform acoustically inside your store after-hours – sell tickets or host a couple of performances for maximum capacity.
  1. Host a live music or a film fundraiser and build on this with raffles and auction items. Don’t know where to start? Visit the Live Music Office and your local cinema for help. 
  1. Host a music quiz in the shop. When customers approach the register, ask them to guess the song or the artist for a nominal donation and have some lucky dip items on hand. 
  1. Offer to be a drop-off point for any donations and give a small gift to the donors as they exit – what goes around comes around.
  1. Join The Movement. This list shows retailers happy to help, add your name to the list.

We know music like the back of our hand – ask us about what music might work best for your store when you sign up for a music licence under OneMusic Australia.

[And yes you probably need a licence if you have our music playing through a streaming service, we can explain why.]


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