Music creators were there for you in lock down

(And standing-by when you re-open).

Catch a home-streamed live performance in lock-down? We all did!

The wonderful backyard-, balcony-, lounge room-, kitchen- and garage-based live performances by thousands of music creators helped us to endure iso – even as our music creators took a huge cut to their income.  There’s no Job Keeper for arts and culture workers - music creators are small business owners and often casual workers too.

If these ‘homely’ live performances showed us one thing it was that seeing music performed live - is a cultural and mental health necessity!

OneMusic will gradually begin our licensing activity for Australian businesses and organisations in the coming months with generous credits applied to some customers who have been forced to close for a period. Rest assured we are willing to listen to your circumstances and make allowances where we need to.

In any given year in Australia and NZ, some 17,000 songwriters (the majority are independent, emerging artists living right here in Australia and NZ) would receive a share of royalties as income for their songs being playing live. Shut the doors of live music venues for two months and you can see the impact this has on thousands of lives.

We all need to recover strongly and quickly: our music customers and our music creators whose labour-of-love songs we license here at OneMusic Australia.

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