Special dance school music licence arrangements

From 1 November 2020 to 30 June 2021 dance businesses can access new licensing arrangements.

  1. From 1 November 2020 until 30 June 2021, there is an option to add live streamed licence cover - for dance classes only - to your existing dance licence. The rate is a flat fee with live streamed classes not to exceed 40 per week. See additional information below.
  2. We understand that social distancing rules have effected dance and performance concert venue capacity and therefore ticketing income. Many dance schools have had to raise ticket prices for their concerts to cover this. Normally a ticket price of more than $40 would not be included in the dance sector licensing and a separate event licence would be needed.
  3. End of year events are not covered for live-streaming under these special arrangements. To arrange a live-streaming licence for your dance or performance event you will need to contact APRA AMCOS  and you will also need to contact the record labels to obtain licence for use of the sound recordings. More information is available on the APRA AMCOS website.

There are some limitations to live-stream music used in dance classes:

YOU need to stream the class itself in real time (it can't be pre-recorded and posted later).

The class must be from a secure password-protected site (i.e. not generally open to non-members/students). The use of a closed platform such as Zoom or Skype is permitted.

If you cannot technically do that then there must be no marketing or promotion of the class other than to members of your business. The stream must only be available for viewing in Australia.

We will grant the licence for the purpose of live-streaming only.

We don’t have the rights to let you copy and store a recording of the class.

The stream is not to include any third-party advertising.

At the moment we CANNOT cover streams via other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You may choose to use one of those platforms but OneMusic doesn’t own (control) all the music rights for Facebook and YouTube etc. This means that your live-stream activity using music on those platforms is ‘tracked' and you may be sent what is called a take-down notice or your live stream may be disrupted.

If a business/organisation does decide to go ahead with classes or performances on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or similar, they still need to declare these classes, concerts or performances under their standard OneMusic Australia licence agreement.