OneMusic Australia’s nightclub rate decreases

For nightclubs who had previously held both an APRA AMCOS and PPCA licence, the rate you pay OneMusic has dropped.

Where you previously held both an APRA AMCOS and PPCA licence, the rate you pay OneMusic has dropped.

When can I see the change? 

1 April 2021.
Venues already operating can realise near-immediate savings on the use of our music for their patrons to dance to. For those venues waiting for restrictions to ease, we have COVID fee-relief in place.
What's the new rate?

The combined APRA AMCOS and PPCA rate is currently $2.27 per attendee. The proposed combined rate is $1.824 per attendee.
Why move from capacity to attendance?

Forget about capacity. We know COVID Safe capacity figures will continue to vary and also differ from your registered capacity for some time, so we want to work with you on an attendance number that reflects what’s actually happening in your business during the pandemic.
Remember, by attendance we mean the maximum number of people you admit to the area during a 24-hour periodup to your registered capacity.
So, for instance, if your liquor licence or COVID rules state your capacity is 1,000, but your attendance is in fact only 400 on a particular night, then you would only report to us that 400 figure. If more people feel safe to go out dancing in a few months’ time and attendance lifts to a rate of 700, we can make adjustments.

If 1,200 people attend on the one night, you’d only need to report 1,000, because we cap the reported attendance number at your capacity.

What about the proposal to change Featured Recorded Music fees?

The consultation paper also proposed to increase the Featured Recorded Music rate.

Featured recorded music applies to things like Karaoke and DJs playing music for patrons to just listen to.

Given COVID circumstances and listening to the feedback from our consultation, we’re going to delay implementation of any changes to the Featured Recorded Music rate to 2022. 

We circulated a consultation paper last year that proposed a significant change in the way we license all Australian venues with nightclubs and dance floors (under the Recorded Music for Dance Use, or RMFD, tariff).

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