Trial of audio-meters kicks off in Australia

A world-first trial installing revolutionary audio meters to recognise the music will launch in Australia soon. The trial is being conducted on a scale larger than has ever been attempted, with Aussie gyms, shops, dance schools and cafes' playlists making a bigger impact than ever to how music creators get paid their royalties.

A European firm, Audoo, has created an iPhone-sized plug-and-listen device for an Australian trial being run by OneMusic Australia, the first of a staged roll out of trail-blazing tech.

The device plugs into a power outlet, connects to WiFi and sends a 10 second sample of each song it can detect to a tech hub of 75-million-plus songs, for analysis and matching (sort of like Shazam for business).

Why does real-world data matter?

The more representative data OneMusic can obtain, the better able they are to pay the correct music creators their share of public performance licence fees.

Millions and millions of lines of data come into OneMusic from digital music (streaming) services, from radio stations, from box office - for music in films, from ARIA charts and more, but OneMusic wants to add to those sources with real-world data.

At the moment, these many sources of data for many sectors determines who gets paid and how much, whether that artist is from Australia or from Korea, whether they are the songwriter or the singer recording a song written by someone else.

"How do you know what I am playing?"

This is the number one question OneMusic answers every day - and the answer rests in the hands of the trial participants.

To know what songs you have playing in your cafe, we would have to ask you to manually report to us what's played and how often (that's what concert promoters do). We doubt you would have the time for that. Audoo eliminates the need for manual reporting.

(Michelin Guide) restaurant Bluebells in Ascot, UK, John Rampello on his Audoo experience

‘Exceptional food is of course a must, but attention to every detail is incredibly important to us. Being an independent business we know the importance of being recognised for your craft. This is why we fully support any business or organisation that is helping independent artists get paid accurately.’

Moving the dial 

By recognising the music at a venue we can lead the way in making sure the taste of Aussie venues is heard - and the credits (royalties) due are paid. 

OneMusic is calling for trial participants - venues who have a licence for their music use who want to help revolutionise the music industry with an Audoo device installed.