Tania Doko performing at ACA's Early Learning Leaders Summit

Friend of OneMusic, Tania Doko, will be making a guest appearance at the ACA's Early Learning Leaders Summit.

The Early Learning Leaders Summit 2022, organised by the Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria, will be held on Friday 1 April at the Crown Conference Centre. The one-day, face-to-face event is designed for owners, operators and senior managers of early learning services to hear from expert speakers on topics that will support successes for childcare services. The Summit theme is "Planning to thrive!", and will be an invaluable experience for those in the childcare sector.

And a surprise is in store - Friend of OneMusic Australia, Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl) will be joining for an intimate performance of some original songs at the Summit Dinner. She will also be discussing the work of OneMusic Australia, our involvement with the childcare sector on a national scale, and give the attendees an introduction to all things music licensing. Tania is no stranger to association summit and resonates strongly with audiences. She even has a message for the Australian Childcare Alliance and all attendees (check out the video below), and will be talking about the creators of tomorrow by helping the creators of today.

If you are an owner, operator or senior manager working in the childcare sector, don't miss this opportunity! Register now. 

Find out more about music licensing for your childcare service.

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