Q&A With Licensee of the Year - Great Big Events

We caught up with the team at Great Big Events to chat about their recent awarding of Licensee of the Year.

Last month, OneMusic Australia awarded the Licensee of the Year honour to Great Big Events, for their hard work in demonstrating the importance of music licensing and the value music adds to events.

We caught up with the team at Great Big Events to chat about their recent awarding of Licensee of the Year.

 What does it mean to win licensee of the year?
A: It’s a great honour! We work hard to make sure the music we use is sourced correctly and compensated properly. For GBE to be recognised for our diligence to licensing music speaks volumes to the dedication of our team and their commitment in working closely with our clients. We are truly appreciative of the accolade.

Q: What are some of the ways that Great Big Events uses music?
A: It’s a cornerstone of what we do and is a key component of Sport Presentation. We pride ourselves on our innovative and creative use of music, from subtle atmospheric builds to dramatic formal ceremonies, the highlighting of humourous moments, through to the sheer celebration of fans.

 You have taken out a blanket Sports licence with OneMusic. How strong is the connection between sporting events and music?
A: It’s simply of paramount importance! They go hand in hand and there is always a synergy between the two. Music underlines key moments throughout any event and can help create atmosphere and deliver memorable moments.

Q: What motivates Great Big Events to do the right thing and ensure that musicians are getting paid correctly?
A: Artists and musicians put an immense amount of work into their creations, and we are always keen to ensure we are following the correct process to ensure this is recognised. We feel that continuing to assure artists feel valued and appreciated, is the best way to continue a successful relationship.

Q: In the last year, what’s your favourite song or artist that you’ve paired with one of your events?
A: Our favourite was definitively Head & Heart by Joel Corry x MNEK and we were delighted it won a number of awards. It’s sure to get the fans up off their seats!

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Licensee of the Year - Great Big Events

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