Your choices

You have a choice of how you obtain permission to use music. You can always seek direct permission from music rights owners or you can continue to request one licence from APRA AMCOS and a separate licence from PPCA.

We think our bundled licence offers by far the best value for your money:

  • Recognisable songs;
  • Original artists; and
  • The sheer size of our music collection/repertoire, covering every conceivable demographic and music genre to support your business or organisation and provide the very best music.

There are other options that may be cheaper including music that is often referred to as “PPCA-free” music libraries or by obtaining direct licences from our members and licensors. Remember that these music libraries may not feature your favourite songs or artists and only represent a fraction of the music available from OneMusic combined. Also, depending on which of these options you use you may still require a licence from us, so we recommend that if you intend to buy one of these music libraries, you contact us as well so we can check if any extra licences are required.