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Code of Conduct

OneMusic Australia is covered by the Australian Code of Conduct for Collection Societies (the Code). The Code sets out the standards expected of copyright collection societies in relation to their dealings with licensees and also sets out obligations in relation to procedures for dealing with complaints. A copy of the Code is available here.

We’re not perfect. To help anyone who wants to make a complaint or raise a dispute about what we do or how do it, we have developed our Complaints and Disputes procedures, to ensure issues are handled in an efficient, transparent and fair way.

Complaints and Disputes – what’s the difference?

A complaint is an allegation that OneMusic Australia’s conduct has fallen short of the standard of conduct required by the Code of Conduct for Collection Societies, for example, you are dissatisfied with the manner in which you have been treated by a staff member or the availability of information about how licence fees are calculated or administered.

A dispute is different to a complaint. A dispute is a difference of opinion between you and OneMusic Australia on aspects of its licensing practices, and may arise for a number of reasons. For example:

  • you do not agree with the way OneMusic Australia has applied a licence to your business;
  • you believe you should be licensed under a different scheme to the one OneMusic Australia has asked you to enter into;
  • you and OneMusic Australia disagree as to whether or not your business requires a licence from OneMusic Australia for particular music use, such as in respect of the use of sound recordings in your business; or
  • you think the rates that have been applied to your business are unfair or the total licence fees have been incorrectly calculated by OneMusic Australia.

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your dealings with OneMusic Australia or you consider that OneMusic Australia’s conduct has fallen short of the standard of conduct required by the Code you can submit a complaint. If you have a dispute in relation to OneMusic Australia’s licensing practices you can submit a dispute.

Information about how to make a complaint or lodge a dispute and how these issues are dealt with can be found here.