Child Care Services

The Child Care Services scheme (CCS Scheme) has been developed by OneMusic Australia for early childhood facilities such as Centre-based Care, Family Day Care, Pre-School, Kindergartens and Outside School Hours Care using music, books and art to entertain and engage children.

This Rate Setting Guide describes how OneMusic Australia sets the rates under the CCS Scheme. For more information about how OneMusic Australia fixes rates and determines rate structures more generally, please see the Rate Setting Guide - General Background available HERE.

This scheme provides coverage for the use of OneMusic Australia’s music in Music for Child Care and for the use of Literary Works (where OneMusic acts as agent for the Copyright Agency Ltd).

Music for Child Care and Literary Works

Music for Child Care means the use of music in a child care facility, including:

  • as background music;
  • as live performances at a child care facility (including making and communicating recordings of performance for personal and non-commercial use); and
  • as Workplace Music and Telephone on Hold music.

Literary Works means the use of a Reasonable Portion of words and text from books, poems, plays and other literary works whose rights are controlled by the Copyright Agency in Australia in, and for the purposes of, a child care service. A Reasonable Portion is defined as 10% of a whole work of more than ten pages, or one chapter of a work that is divided into chapters.

Rate Structure:

The rate structure for Music for Child Care and Literary Works is an amount per Licensed Place depending on the type of child care service.  OneMusic categorises the child care service as one of three types: Long Day Child Care Facility, Restricted Hours Child Care Facility or Vacation Child Care Facility.

Long Day Child Care Service means any child care facility that is not exclusively a Restricted Hours Child Care Service or a Vacation Child Care Service.

Restricted Hours Child Care Service means a child care facility that only provides services for a maximum of 5.5 hours a day.

Vacation Child Care Service means a child care facility that only provides services during gazetted school holidays in the relevant State or Territory.

Licensed Places means the maximum number of children who can be educated and cared for at the child care facility at any one time, as stated on the Service’s ‘service approval’.


Initially there was only one rate under the scheme, which applied to all child care facilities. This rate was negotiated in a commercial negotiation with Early Childhood Australia, which is the peak industry body, in 2014 – 2015.  In 2020 on a unilateral basis (but as a result of informal comments OneMusic was receiving from child care facilities) OneMusic introduced the concessional rates for vacation and restricted hours child care facilities to acknowledge the different types of operations in this industry.