Eisteddfodau & Competitions

The Eisteddfodau and Competitions Scheme has been developed for performance and arts event organisers that operate as an eisteddfod or similar competition. Eisteddfodau or competitions usually include disciplines such as vocal, instrumental, dance, calisthenics or cheerleading.

This Rate Setting Guide describes how OneMusic Australia (OneMusic) sets the rates under the Eisteddfodau and Competitions Scheme. For more information about how OneMusic fixes rates and determines rate structures more generally, please see the Rate Setting Guide - General Background available HERE.

This scheme provides coverage for the use of OneMusic’s music in these licensing categories:

  1. Music for Eisteddfodau
  2. Website Use

1. Music for Eisteddfodau

The Music for Eisteddfodau licence category includes:

  • an unrestricted number of devices playing recorded background music at Eisteddfodau or Competitions;
  • music used for the purpose of live performances undertaken by Entrants in Eisteddfodau or Competitions;
  • an unlimited number of Adjudicator Recordings; and
  • Digital Copy/Delivery for the uses above.

An Adjudicator Recording is a copy of an eisteddfod or competition performance, with verbal feedback, that is provided to entrants for their private use.

Digital Copy/Delivery covers the right to reproduce (copy) and publicly perform music from a consumer digital music service. More information about Digital Copy/Delivery is available HERE.

Rate Structure:

The rate structure for Music for Eisteddfodau is a flat fee, with the rate dependent upon the total number of entries and whether the competition is Regional or Non-Regional.  The rate is reduced where all the entries either do not require a licence from APRA/AMCOS for the use of musical works, or from PPCA for the use of sound recordings. The rates may be increased each year by CPI.


OneMusic developed the rate following a consultation with the Association of Eisteddfod Societies Australia in 2018, and later with Eisteddfod Organisers Australia in 2019.

2. Website Use

The use of music as background streams on websites is a licensing category that appears in a number of OneMusic’s schemes, including the Eisteddfodau and Competitions Scheme.

More information about the rate and rate structure for Website Use is available HERE.