Physio, Chiro, etc

Music played in reception, music played in a treatment room and music played in exercise or strengthening classes is legally different to music played at home.

A business needs permission - a licence - for use of OneMusic’s catalogue of music. A OneMusic licence allows you to play and enjoy virtually any commercially released music from anywhere around the world in your clinic. A licence is as important as music volume, your choice of speakers or music device.

We have two licence schemes that fit the allied health sector (physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, OTs, exercise physiologists or similar).

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1. Background Music + Class Music

If you run functional fitness or strengthening classes and your use our music, the Fitness Centre and Fitness and Wellbeing Instructors scheme is for you and this scheme also covers background music.

2. Background Music only

The Retail and Service Providers scheme covers background music. This scheme suits allied health businesses that only have background music and no fitness or strengthening classes for clients. This scheme also gives you cover if you have music on your telephone on hold or on your website or if you have music in the workplace, in areas of your business where the general public cannot attend.