Music Recognition Technology

All the information you need to know about Music Recognition Technology (MRT).

If you’re familiar with Shazam, an app that can identify a song by feeding a short sample of music through your phone’s mic, it won’t be hard to understand Music Recognition Technology (MRT).

What is MRT?

MRT is a matching process where audio fingerprints taken from the performed music are compared to a database of source recordings. Once the music used is identified, APRA AMCOS can use this information to ensure the royalties paid out from your licence fees are distributed as accurately as possible.

How does MRT work?

APRA AMCOS supplies participating businesses or event promoters with a discrete device to collect the audio data required for MRT. MRT devices from APRA AMCOS’ various providers accommodate a wide variety of business types and music uses, ranging from simple plug-and-play Audio Meters to fully integrated solutions for DJ setups.

Why use MRT?

  • MRT has zero cost for those participating.
  • MRT does not impact your licence fee.
  • MRT ensures your licence fee goes to the right people.
  • MRT can reduce the need for manual setlist collection.
  • MRT is completely secure and compliant with privacy regulation.
  • MRT is easily installed, fully serviced and discreet.

How can I use MRT?

To use MRT at your venue or event, see below the option that best describes your music use.


Businesses licensed to play background music 


If you are licensed to use background music in your restaurant, cafe, retail or service space, the Audoo Audio Meter is the right MRT for you. The device, smaller than a mobile phone, uses audio fingerprinting to securely recognise the songs you play, enabling APRA AMCOS to more accurately distribute royalties to the music creators you love. Read more about Audoo, or contact us for more information below.


Venues with regular DJs

If you're a bar or nightclub that hosts regular DJs, Pioneer DJ’s KUVO service and DJ Monitor is the MRT for you. The KUVO system and DJ Monitor’s ‘Club Monitors’ are specifically designed to integrate with nightclub DJ setups and audio-visual systems, enabling venues to support the creators of the music played by DJs they book.

Through direct metadata collection and audio fingerprinting, these systems ensure nightclub licence fees accurately flow back to dance music creators.

Both DJ Monitor and KUVO is used by APRA AMCOS to collect data in nightclubs. To sign up,

Contact us at

Are you a festival or event promoter with a heavy DJ presence?

MRT can be used at live events that mostly feature recorded music – such as DJ performances and EDM festivals. This helps to reduce the administrative responsibility of festival promoters; and

 increase the accuracy of royalty distributions through the collection of better public performance data.