Government COVID-19 closures imposed on you?

Fee-relief on its way from OneMusic.

From this week OneMusic Australia will be applying fee-relief to all of our affected customers - those that were forced by Federal or State governments to close their doors for a time.

The COVID-19 fee-relief for these customers will be credited to each affected customer's account.

There is nothing OneMusic customers need to do - just wait for an email in their inbox.

If you were fortunate enough to continue trading under the pandemic - and no government restrictions were imposed on your sector - then we thank you for your continued custom and hope our music helped to keep spirits up.

Victorian businesses will not be part of this initial campaign and will likely need additional fee-relief - this will be worked out later.

As soon as the pandemic hit, we felt the fairest thing for OneMusic Australia to do was press pause on licensing affected business sectors. We truly understand it’s been a difficult time for everyone.

We watched and waited for restrictions to be lifted and then we waited some more, sensitive to the time it may take for a business to get back to pre-COVID-19 trading and the social distancing rules which reduced the numbers of customers allowed on-site which we have taken into account.

Our music creator members, who also took a huge hit to their income, and the Boards that represent them, understood we had to wait it out too.

We wish our customers all the best for a smooth and full economic recovery.

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