Boost 'table turn' with music

Without spending a cent, you simply need to create a playlist that has faster music in order to increase customer turnover.

"Many hotels do not have capacity to seat all of their guests for breakfast, which means they want to turn tables quickly. In those cases, .... (provide) a brisk soundtrack, rather than the more sedate, leisurely sounds you might expect (The Guardian Jake Hulyer. Inside the booming business of background music 6 November 2018)"

It has been proven that all humans subconsciously eat quicker when fast background music is played. 1

They will eat quicker, you hand them the bill, clean the table and usher in new patrons! This is one way around the 10-patron limit!

In the study conducted in the States slow music played at dinner meant the research subjects took 56 minutes to eat and leave.

When fast music was played at dinner and it took them 45 minutes to eat and leave.

So, if you had the (max) five parties of two sitting down to eat and you could turn each table around 9 mins quicker you'd have 15 per cent more people through your venue in a day.

OneMusic has more tips on how to use music to quickly and easily boost your bottom line in a new Preto research report due out soon. To be emailed this Report when it's released, email

(1) Journal of Consumer Research. Source: Vol. 13, No. 2. pp. 286-289 Ronald E. Milliman The Influence of Background Music on the Behavior of Restaurant Patrons September 1986

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