Clove Lane's continued support for music

Making it to an Australian Good Food Guide Top 20 list, OneMusic licensee Clove Lane have thrown further support behind music creators by taking on global music tech. Last month Clove Lane’s owner put his hand up to have an Audio Meter installed which fingerprints songs played for more accurate songwriter royalty payments. He encourages others to do the same.

Making it to an Australian Good Food Guide Top 20 list, Clove Lane, already a OneMusic licensee and a member of the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association of Australia (R&CA), have thrown further support behind music creators by taking on global music technology in their eatery.

Clove Lane’s owner chef Emile Avramides put his hand up to have an Audio Meter installed - at no cost - last month. The data comes in immediately, revealing this leading restaurant is also at the forefront of music taste with first album releases dominating their playlists.

The Audoo Audio Meter device is about the size of an iPhone, and simply plugs into a power point. The system ‘fingerprints’ a few seconds of a song when it is playing, matches it to a database of millions of songs, and sends that data to the Australian organisation (APRA AMCOS, one of the bodies behind OneMusic) that works out who gets royalties and how much from that song-play.

APRA AMCOS's mission is to gain more data for more accurate royalty payments to songwriters and composers. This ‘set and forget’ technology provides a much more streamlined way for APRA AMCOS to receive precise data.

Name Dropping


Tash Sultana

 Clove Lane received a gold foil limited edition Audio Meter – personalised by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, engineer, ARIA-winning Tash Sultana who has lent their name to the device.

Emile was thrilled with receiving the Tash Sultana version and said:


I think it’s important that licensing fees are distributed properly. We’re listening to music even while prepping the food. It also plays a role creating the atmosphere for service.

We have such a diverse range of music playing throughout the week it seemed right to be involved.

We have live music from time to time because, at the heart of it all, Clove Lane is a neighbourhood restaurant and we strive to provide very hospitable service. We go above and beyond with our customers. The menu is produce-driven, very seasonal and prepared with love, just like the music.


Clove Lane is joined by cafes and restaurants across the country in allowing an Audio Meter to be installed in a standard power point in their venue:


Pixel Bar and Cafe

Wolfe & Molone

Streetcorner Jimmy

Kafe Kooks

Headquarters on Henley

Lovewell Café

Aslan Coffee Roasters, The Rocks

Drake Eatery

Tipo 00

Osteria Ilaria

Chocolate Buddha

Mizu Japanese Restaurant

Two-Bit Villains


Dead Ringer

La Popular Taqueria

Enquiries about having an Audoo Audio Meter installed in your venue can be made to






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