OneMusic announces new Events scheme

The new industry-based events scheme will apply to events hosted from 1 January 2023 onwards.

After consulting with the industry, OneMusic (four-year-old joint licensing initiative of APRA AMCOS and PPCA) is set to introduce sweeping changes to its suite of event licensing schemes.

UPDATE: The changes will apply to events hosted from 1 January 2023 onwards.

Benefits of the changes:

  • One Licence Agreement will cover both APRA and PPCA rights (no more signing two Licence Agreements for the one event)
  • Simplified Reporting for Event Promoters
  • In many cases reduced PPCA licence fees over PPCA fees the scheme replaces

There are no changes to the APRA rates for Ticketed Music Events and Eligible Temporary Music Events.

OneMusic will be uploading the new rates and metrics in their customer relation management software and testing so that invoicing and reporting for the new suite in the marketplace is seamless.

In the interim, to provide budgetary certainty to thousands of event planners needing a licence with OneMusic, these new rates and metrics are available to view online.

New scheme names also provide greater clarity of their target:

  • Ticketed Promoted Events is now named Ticketed Music Events - any music event, festival or concert for which an entry fee is charged (excluding an Eligible Temporary Music Event, below).
  • Free Music Events - where the primary focus of the event is the performance of music. Free obviously means no entry fee or charge to attend.
  • Eligible Outdoor Events is now Eligible Temporary Music Events. Eligible events are no longer restricted to being outdoors. This scheme is for events that have six or more acts where no one or two acts dominate advertising, they occur on at least one full day and are held at a place requiring temporary structures (stage, toilets fencing etc).
  • General Entertainment Events are free or ticketed general events where music is not the primary focus nor integral, for example food and wine shows, trade expos etc.

Ticketed Special Purpose Performances. The first position paper was issued 20 May 2019, a second 15 December 2021 and a third has been available for consideration from 31 August 2022. The proposed definition is performances that “are ticketed performances where recorded and/or live music is used during the performance but is not the primary attraction or dominant feature of that performance. A Ticketed Special Purpose Performance includes performances where the primary attraction or dominant feature may be magic, spoken word, cabaret, circus, dance, variety, fashion or comedy”.

More information including new Licence Agreements and an updated Info Guide will be available from December 2022.