OneMusic calls on Dance Studios for Consultation

Dance schools are encouraged to have their say on a proposed change in the dance licence scheme.

The OneMusic Australia joint licensing initiative with APRA AMCOS and PPCA marked four years in June this year. As a fellow cultural organisation your support of what we do for music creators is very much appreciated.
There are now several thousand Dance Schools who have a OneMusic licence and this is growing daily.
We’re in constant communication with Associations and with individual Schools. In response to feedback from the sector and in trying to be fairer to large and small music users we are now proposing improvements to the existing Dance and Performance Instructors and Dance Schools licence.
Our research shows most dance schools operate from a single location and have fewer than 41 classes per week.

The most important message we’d like to impart is that there will be no increase to OneMusic licence Music in Dance Class fees for the vast majority (more than 9 out of 10) of dance schools in Australia.
Many schools will even see a reduction in Music in Dance Class fees (low class numbers and multiple locations). Those hosting ticketed events will be able to charge up to $60 and still be covered by a dance school event licence.

In summary, we propose to

  • move from a per-location price for Music in Dance Classes to an average weekly number of dance class price across all locations
  • add nine Music in Dance Classes pricing tiers for businesses with 81+ weekly classes, to allow for scale
  • add three pricing tiers for businesses hosting more than 1 Event a year, to allow for scale
  • increase the ticket threshold for dance school events from $40 to $60 and make some improvements to the Video Recording Package and Website Use of music

The consultation period will be 20 November – 29 February 2024.
You can read the full Consultation Paper PDF by clicking on the link below. How to respond is in Section 4.