Community Music Groups

Music licences for Community Music Groups

The OneMusic Community Music Groups licence provides access to our millions of songs and recordings and covers your live music performances at community events and audio recordings of your performances at these events, making audio copies for practice and rehearsals, and printing off copies of original print music to supplement your performances and practice.

This licence scheme is only available to Community Music Groups, which means an individual band, choir, ensemble or performance group that:

  • has public performance of music as its primary purpose;
  • is operated not for profit;
  • consists of only amateur, unpaid participants (other than any conductor or band leader);
  • exists with the aim of developing musical learning;
  • is led by experienced music educators;
  • is conducted with open and inclusive participation; and
  • has joining fees that are conducive to open and inclusive participation.

This licence scheme is also available, in limited circumstances, to Other Community Groups, that are:

  • operated not for profit;
  • conducted with open and inclusive participation, and;
  • free to join or with joining fees that are conducive to open and inclusive participation.

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Do I need a licence to play music in public places?

If you play music protected by copyright out loud in a public place for a commercial purpose such as a shop, a gym or a bar you need permission or you need to purchase a music licence. Legally this music use is different to playing music at home or in your car. This is called public performance of music.

What is the cost of a music licence for businesses?

Music licence costs depend on your business type, music devices and whether the music is protected by copyright. If you use the radio and you are a small shop the cost will be less than $100 a year to use music from OneMusic’s catalogue. If you are running a pub with more music use your costs will be higher.

How can I legally play music in my business?

Your business can legally play music protected by Copyright by getting permission first. Permission can be from OneMusic Australia in the form of a licence for millions of songs in its catalogue, from the artists themselves for every song, through a background music supplier or other means. You need permission or a licence when your stream music in your business.

What happens if I don't take out a licence?

If you want to play and enjoy the use of virtually any commercially released music from anywhere around the world, you should immediately enter into a OneMusic Australia licence, because using OneMusic Australia’s music without a OneMusic Australia licence can constitute an infringement of our copyright which, if not rectified, may ultimately lead to legal action.

Of course, we will happily talk with you about your music licensing and certainly provide a reasonable time frame for you to take out a licence before escalating the matter any further.

But, if our music continues to be used without permission, then we will be left with no option but to enforce our rights on behalf of our members and affiliates, which could involve court proceedings. Such action may result in the business having to pay the licence fees as well as other damages and legal costs.

Over 95% of businesses and organisations that we deal with are readily compliant.

How much is a music licence?

To purchase a music licence you select only the cover you need for your music devices. Music licence fees start $100 a year. Fees differ by industry, a shop pays a licence fee on its floor space, a nightclub on attendance and a café on seating capacity.