Same wine, different music = different tasting wine.*


Dining businesses switching to takeaway only because of COVID-19 will be licensed under our Retail and Service Providers scheme for the period of the restrictions.

Generally, the Dining licence scheme is designed for music used in restaurants, cafés, bistros – essentially any commercial enterprise preparing meals and hot drinks such as tea and coffee to be consumed onsite or off-site.

This could be a counter-service fast food franchise, a full table service restaurant.

Does your dining space have 6 seats or less - sign up here instead.

OneMusic Australia is an official Gold partner of Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) - who provide services, advice and education to its members. R&CA also advise on compliance issues including music licensing requirements. Visit the R&CA website for more information.

For dining spaces inside a hotel, pub, tavern, bar, casinoclub, motel, resort, B&B, guest house, or fitness centre please refer to the relevant industry specific licence scheme. If your dining space is inside a retail shop or other multi-function establishment, please contact us on hello@onemusic.com.au.

* North A, The effect of background music on the taste of wine. British Psychological Society.