Aussie bar loves music

It is coincidence Jon Debeere and Jack Connor started out on the Rosella’s Bar adventure on Australia Day 2019 they say. Boasting a OneMusic licence, these millennials talk about their unpretentious Aussie music space and their ‘embrace-cultural-cringe’ mantra.

The bar in Burleigh Heads celebrates all-things-Aussie with tongue in cheek humour. Creative, refreshing and fun, Rosella’s environment is set up to spark childhood memories, just like a word or place can trigger an earworm.

On switching from APRA AMCOS and PPCA to OneMusic the boys say: anything that makes business life a bit ‘bludg-ier’ is a breath of fresh air.

As you order their signature cocktail ‘I’m Spinning Around/Move Out Of My Way’ you’ll hear anything from Slim Dusty to Sia in the fully-themed bar.

“We only play Australian music. Alex Cameron’s new album is getting a lot of airtime at the moment. We have a series of playlists, some for chilled afternoons and some for when we’re rammed and want to play nothing-but-the-hits. I think there’s a few thousand songs between the different playlists. No shortage of Aussie talent! 

“It’s amazing when you see the old blokes from the surf club knocking back a couple of frothies with twenty-something hipsters. You know then that your bar is a place where anyone can pull up a chair and feel welcome as they dig into their spaghetti-bolognese jaffle or oysters in a foam Esky”, said Jon/Jack.

When asked, Jon & Jack said their all-Australian-super-band would be: Jon Farriss (INXS) on drums, Kim Moyes (The Presets) on keys, Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers but Aussie-born so we’ll claim it) on bass, Angus Scott (AC/DC) on guitar, backup vocals by the Bee Gee brothers, choreography by Peter Garrett, lyrics by Paul Kelly & Nick Cave, stage design by Client Liaison, and lead vocals by the queen herself - Kylie.”

If you’d like more information about playing music in your venue, you can speak to the friendly OneMusic team via, live chat or call on 1300 162 162.

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