The Sheaf wins the 2019 AHA NSW Live Music Award

Since 1996, live music has breathed life into The Golden Sheaf.

There is a lot to learn from venues that have managed to thrive for such a long time in a fast paced and changing industry.

Having hosted live music for 23 years, The Golden Sheaf has earned its stripes with its continuous commitment to live music in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, applauded by the Award sponsor OneMusic Australia.

“Music breathes life into The Golden Sheaf. From day to night, Monday to Sunday, music is a large part of what makes our venue unique. We have a soundtrack to match all occasions, setting the mood for guests catching up with friends in the day, stepping up in the evening with drinks and getting loose on the dancefloor till late at night.”

Since 1996 the venue has been programming music regularly from Wednesday through Sunday, with a mix of DJs, live bands and acoustic duos. Spiking the entertainment on special calendar days.

“You have to give your guests what they want and offer consistent programming that does not polarise the guest initially. Consistency is key when it comes to hospitality and entertainment, it allows you to build a relationship day on day, week on week.” 

“It has been a lot more convenient as a vendor utilising one licence under OneMusic instead of two. With both PPCA and APRA AMCOS coming under the one roof it also allows access into a larger database. Hopefully it’s as convenient for the recording artists as it is for us”.

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