One Music more than Australian music

Wondering why your OneMusic fees should go to an Australian music organisation when you hardly listen to any Aussie music in your business?

If you use Spotify you might be recommended some Aussie music without even knowing it! 

If you listen to a track for just 30 seconds, boom! Spotify has techy-music-people who know that. They will not only serve you up more artists like the ones you liked but sounds like the ones you liked too. This is “why you might see an artist being recommended that you’ve never heard of” including Aussie artists who may not (yet) have made it to the US Billboard charts.

And… remember while the voice might be American, Canadian or British, the clever muso who wrote the lyrics and the melody might be Australian - think of that 2017 worldwide hit Praying by Kesha - it was written by an Aussie Ben Abraham and Ryan Lewis!

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