342 OneMusic pubs support Rural Aid

OneMusic launched with an offer to existing music licence clients if they got their licence application in ‘on time’ they would kick the tin for Rural Aid’s Gift of Music program.

To make this happen online quickly and easily the OneMusic website needed to be able to handle the complex music use of a pub. Did that happen? 96 per cent of those signing up for a new licence online did so without needing to use Live Chat. Four out of five online clients signed up without making a single phone call to the dedicated 1300 number.

Around 1,000 hotels have signed up online so far. There are about 1,700 pubs in total who have been re-licensed under OneMusic (from the previous APRA AMCOS and PPCA licensing system).

To the really great blokes: Peter, Michael, Paul, John and Andrew – the five most common first names in OneMusic’s pub owner data base – thanks for being so efficient.

Let’s face it - we all need a nudge to get admin done and the results are good. So far, these three-hundred-odd pubs have made sure donations flow through to Rural Aid just by jumping online and relicensing sooner rather than later.

While some regions have experienced a drenching in February, there are millions of rural communities still in drought and relying on Rural Aid’s help, so the simple act of signing up for a music licence on time is an effortless way to help out.

During the bushfires OneMusic heard from almost 50 venues who were hosting live music fundraisers. We helped drive some publicity for these events as well as extending complimentary licences.

If you haven’t heard from OneMusic yet, you will. Letters and emails are sent well ahead of when you old APRA AMCOS or PPCA licence falls due. If you have any questions before that call 1300 162 162 or email hello@onemusic.com.au.

Submissions open for struggling Councils and tourism bodies (and their communities) rebuilding after the bushfires!

Austrade: If you are a Local Government Authority or a Regional Tourism Organisation that has been declared a 'bushfire disaster-area' by your State/Territory Government (under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for the 2019-20 season) you can apply for $30,000 to run smaller-scale events to rebuild tourism demand.

Events can be held as early as mid-March/April 2020.

For help hosting a music event, contact the Live Music Office

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