OneMusic's love for the dance sector

OneMusic has thrown its support behind Australian dancers with the new competition MadeBy alongside the Royal Academy of Dance. Composer Emma Greenhill's work Regrowth will be shared to RAD members for a choreography competition stage.

OneMusic MadeBy arts and culture competition moves to dance/choreography stage

OneMusic's initiative with the Royal Academy of Dance means MadeBy is about to enter the next stage of the competition. Aspiring choreographers will be invited to create an original dance work in response to the winning piece 'Regrowth' by Blue Mountains composer Emma Greenhill.

The aim of this world-first competition is to further integrate the two cultural sectors of dance and music, which are under immense pressure due to the impact of COVID-19.

The winning creators each receive a share of the $15,000 prize pool, as well as ongoing royalties for future performances in any format, anywhere in the world.

Greenhill's winning piece Regrowth is about the devastation of the 2019-20 bushfires and nature's resiliency. It stood out among hundreds of entries from Australian composers. 

The winning choreographer and Greenhill will then collaborate on a new dance work set to a new composition, for a world premiere in 2022.

"I’m really looking forward to seeing my piece be interpreted by another artist through a different art form. The opportunity to then collaborate with the chosen choreographer and give them the opportunity to tell a story of their own through my music, will be an absolute privilege I am thrilled to undertake," said Greenhill.

Catherine Giuliano, Director of OneMusic said:

“MadeBy is two grass roots organisations coming together to build awareness of one another and provide opportunities for their struggling arts and cultural creators. It’s a unique opportunity for us to educate the dance community on the value of music. It’s also a great opportunity for us to better understand about the music dance schools use and remunerate the right creators.”

More opportunities for Australian musicians

In recognition of the high calibre of work submitted by composers, a shortlist of 15 recommended musical works from entrants will be provided to RAD teachers for inclusion in their teaching.

MadeBy shortlist compositions:

Andrew Ball - Arachnodactyl Timelapse (QLD)
Andrew Lang - False Departures (Solo Piano Edit) (SA)
Alice Humphries - Nautical Twilight (WA)
Connor D'Netto - Blind (QLD)
Dr Daniel Blinkhorn - frostbYte - liten snø trinn - (gavotte) (NSW)
Eddy Kremen - Everybody Dies, not everybody lives (NSW)
Emily Harrison - In Search of Lost Time (NSW)
Larissa Agosti - Spekta (VIC)
Matthew Sievers - The Sound of the World Coming Apart (VIC)
Natasha Lin -Momentus - (VIC)
Nicholas Marks - Desaparecido (VIC)
Robbie Melville - Junkyard (VIC)
Ruth Roshan - La Malinconia (VIC)
Sue-Anne Hsuyin Tan - ˈwɔː kɪŋ (VIC)
Xani Kolac - Miniatures 1 and 2 (VIC)

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