Bank Australia invites all Aussies to support homegrown music

Bank Australia is championing their support for Aussie music and customer-centricity by backing the ‘Our Soundtrack, Our Stories’ campaign which kicked off during the pandemic. The campaign encourages businesses to play, share and advocate for homegrown Australian music, increasing royalties paid to Aussie artists.

The campaign saw Bank Australia customer Holly Rankin (Jack River) persuading television giant Channel 7 to play more Australian music during their coverage of the 2020 Olympics. The former credit union and now customer-owned bank will now roll out a 100% Australian playlist in all areas - branches as well as head office.

Jack river stands before a beautiful backdrop of ocean and clear blue sky. Her long blonde hair is flowing and her face is drenched in a pink light. Her holographic blazer glistens pink in the light.

Bank Australia Marketing Consultant Jack Thompson says:


The beauty of this shift is that now when you call Bank Australia, from start to finish, everything you hear and listen to is local: from the on-hold music to the person on the other end of the phone.


Australian musician Jack River. Photo by Daphne Nguyen.

"Our line-up features some of Australia’s top music artists - Jack River, Teskey Brothers, Didirri, Tame Impala, Paul Kelly, Hamish Anderson and Archie Roach - I could go on. We were delighted to get on board – it’s such a brilliant initiative to soundtrack Australian lives with Australian music. We knew our customers would love the change and we are helping to champion Australian music and the artists that contribute so much our communities and daily lives. We live and breathe our mission to use money as a force for good".

With over 180,000 customers and over 500 employees Australia wide, Bank Australia is committed to doing to business differently.

Thompson won’t be called on which of the artists are his favourites but he has a soft spot for campaigner Jack River who has been chosen as the voice of the bank’s most recent ads on banking consciously to effect climate action.

We have a huge respect to Uncle Archie Roach, for his incredible legacy, both in creating unforgettable music and inspiring change and solidarity with First Nations communities for so many years and into the future.

Because we don’t have external shareholders, we can balance purpose and profit, and we’re committed to creating positive change for people and the planet.


Read more about licensing music in the workplace and in retail spaces such as banks.



Header image courtesy Bank Australia.

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