Create a live music micro-festival in your LGA...with our help!

The Live Music Office is now seeking Expressions of Interest from local Councils for Live and Local events in 2023 and 2024. This exciting initiative offers matched-funded partnership opportunities for local Councils to develop better regulation and strategic policies that will assist in increasing live music activities within local communities. The LMO will support councils to deliver activities including micro-festival events, professional development offerings and a dedicated local industry forum.

  • Enjoy economic returns: Blue Mountains City Council enjoyed a $242,080 boost from more than 2,000 visitors to their Live and Local micro-festival event
  • Enhance cultural vibrancy, social capital, bonding and bridging
  • Support talent development of local musicians and participation for all ages and communities

Live and Local is an initiative from an organisation associated with OneMusic which helps local Councils, their businesses and communities to organise and deliver live music micro-festivals, professional development events and local industry forums. Council’s learn through doing in creating a thriving local music scene.

These micro-festival events are delivered at no cost to the participating businesses and low cost to Councils. The program focuses on acoustic performances with small PA requirements to suit smaller businesses who may never have hosted live music before. OneMusic provides guidance to businesses on their licensing requirements and the Live and Local team guide Councils on how to deliver the initiative and engage with their local live music.

Duo Bravo Victor performing at Ramjet for Live and Local in Newcastle. Photo by Lazybones.

Duo Bravo Victor performing at Ramjet for Live and Local in Newcastle. Photo by Lazybones.

We’re seeking Expressions of Interest


We’re now seeking Expressions of Interest from local Councils for Live and Local events in 2023 and 2024
We offer matched-funded partnership opportunities for local Councils to assist in delivering a best practice sustainable live music presentation, supported by better regulation and strategic policy development, all guided by our experience nationally in this area for many years. More than a short term activation, the program is designed to stimulate long term live music activity.

We will help your Council

1. Engage a Venues Liaison person to build the capacity of local musicians and local venues
2. Conduct a Live Music Census
3. Ensure there is paid employment for local musicians – Live and Local events come at no cost to businesses other than securing a music licence
4. Build capacity by hosting professional development events and workshops
5. Engage your community through a dedicated Industry Forum
6. Develop better regulation and policy development to facilitate live music as a natural part of your LGA’s cultural landscape
7. Establish a local music industry working group

Skivvy Season performing for a packed crowd at Abicus Newcastle.

 Abicus store Live and Local performance in Newcastle.

What Live and Local Councils say

“The structure of the Live and Local program ensures each host Council learns through doing. While we had assumed some of the strengths and weaknesses of our local live music sector, the delivery of our Live and Local project clearly highlighted the opportunities for improvement and a range of tangible steps available to us in shaping and improving our local industry”.
Ben Kilsby, City of Mount Gambier, South Australia

“Live and Local is a way to increase the number of live music opportunities, encourage more businesses to think about hosting live music and to provide high-level professional development”.
Mayor Vickie Jellie, City of Warrnambool, Victoria

“This is an opportunity for us all to get out there, show our support for the venues and performers that call our region home, and help rebuild a thriving local music scene. Live and Local has been all about growing this scene, and it’s a fantastic sign of that growth that we have venues putting up their hands to try a live music performance for the first time”. Councillor Tony Mileto, City of Orange, New South Wales

Performer singing and playing guitar at Camden Live and Local.

Performer at Live and Local in Camden. Photo By Silvia Grimm.

For more information on the Live and Local program and funding opportunities currently available contact:

Lucy Joseph, Engagement and Project Manager Live Music Office

Read more information on securing a licence here.



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