Caravan and tourist parks

Caravan and tourist parks

How does music help make the magic in theme parks? “ become aware that the music is changing... before you even step under the arch, the magic becomes real.... the music is really well-integrated with the theme.”^

The Places of Interest, Activity and Amusement licence scheme has been formulated after extensive consultations with various industries in this sector and is designed for music used at businesses as diverse as caravan & tourist parks, bowling alleys, fun parks, zoos, museums and theatres, aquariums, leisure centres, skating rinks, games arcades, tourism attractions, exhibition spaces, theme parks, galleries, wineries and other places of entertainment.

This licence scheme provides you with cover for the most common ways that places of interest, activity and amusement - including caravan & tourist parks - use music. The licence is split into five types of cover: background music, featured music, workplace music, telephone on hold music and background music for dining. You need only take out your cover where you use our music.

If you have 6 or more locations, please complete this form instead:

Why do I need a OneMusic licence?

Firstly, it shows that your organisation respects and supports songwriters and recording artists - creators of Australian culture. Secondly, if you use copyright music within your business, Commonwealth legislation requires permission (a licence) from the creators of that music. And last but not least - you benefit by using music: keeping your patrons entertained, engaged and creating a better atmosphere.

In Australia music creators generally authorise two organisations to administer their rights - APRA AMCOS (composers and music publishers) and PPCA (recording artists and record labels). A OneMusic licence bundles all those rights into one licence that further simplifies the process of gaining the required permission to use music. Without this licence you would, for example, need to deal directly with the composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and record labels who own the rights in the music you wish to use.

You can get independent legal information at

Where does the money go?

We care about ensuring the licence fees you pay are distributed (paid out) to the rights holders in the most accurate and cost effective way possible.

OneMusic distributes the fees it collects to APRA AMCOS and PPCA, the bodies behind the licensing initiative. Both entities are the same in that, after the deduction of administration and operational costs, all fees collected are distributed to members, licensors or affiliates according to a range of direct data for film screenings, sample data and other data sources for other uses of music. All fees quoted include GST.

Although separate companies, in the financial year 2017/2018 APRA AMCOS’ and PPCA’s costs to revenue ratio was similar at approximately 14%. This means that around 86 cents in the dollar earned in licence fees collected by APRA AMCOS and PPCA is being paid to each organisation’s rights holders. Those costs compare very favourably to organisations providing the same service overseas. 

Under OneMusic, APRA AMCOS and PPCA maintain their own distribution practices and policies, and are available online. 

Both APRA AMCOS and PPCA seek to achieve a delicate balance in their distribution practices - a balance between accuracy on the one hand and minimising the administration of our licensees and our costs of processing that would be required in track by track music use reports.

The following represent the main sources of music data the two organisations use to make their distributions to music creators.

  • Individual commercial radio and television stations reporting the music they broadcast;
  • Digital download services, digital streaming services and record labels reporting the tracks or CDs they stream, sell and their sales volumes;
  • Services using Music Recognition Technology like digital fingerprinting and audio-recognition to match performances/broadcasts to their databases;
  • Data from music providers who supply programmed curated music for specific industries, such as fitness;
  • Background music suppliers who provide us with music reports from their clients’ playlists; and
  • Set lists of musical works performed by artists and musicians at live/dance events and festivals supplied to APRA by event promoters.

How are licence fees set and how much do they cost?

The rates for the use of music under OneMusic licence schemes have been set following consultation and negotiation with user groups. We have established different licence schemes for different ways those industries use music.

Rates have been determined in general by reference to the nature and type of music use. That is, in our view the value of music to a nightclub (a business that attracts customers predominantly on the basis of the music it plays) is very different to the value of music to a café. Our fees are therefore segmented to different industry types in order to appropriately differentiate rates.

In addition, the rate needs to be scalable – for example we do not believe that all other things being equal, a small retail outlet should pay the same fee as a large department store, or a small country pub the same as a large city hotel. From this starting point, in very broad terms where the music use is intrinsic to the business, our rates tend to be higher and linked to patronage (for example by reference to attendance, capacity, class numbers or box office takings). At the other end of the spectrum, rates will be linked to another metric that is easily ‘measured’ by the business and verifiable by us – for example the size of the business in metres squared.

We publish a series of information sheets to all of our industry specific licence schemes on this website.

Note that where we refer to quarterly invoices for accounts we calculate the per day fee by the exact number of days in the a three month period not your total annual fee divided by four, so you will see that:

  • September – November quarter is 91 days
  • December – February quarter is 90 days because leap years are not counted as an extra day
  • March – May quarter and the June – August quarter are both 92 Days

What music can I use?

We’ve done the hard work for you so our licence allows you to use virtually any commercially released music from anywhere around the world.

Business owners can make a decision to use our music or not. We accept that there is a small percentage of businesses who do not wish to have our music playing because they claim it costs too much and of course, no licence is required in these cases.

As a safeguard, we believe it is wise to advise us immediately if you use music in your business in any way so we can advise if you need a licence from OneMusic. This applies to all areas of your business – office, warehouse, front reception area, retail space, yards and outdoor areas.

Why do I need a licence when I have a streaming service?

You need a licence from OneMusic because your commercial/business use is not covered by your digital music service supplier.

Have a look at the terms and conditions of your personal digital music service end-user agreement. You will see that almost all digital music services operating in Australia and New Zealand strictly state their service is for PERSONAL and DOMESTIC use only.

Because personal digital music services are licensed by rights holders for just that purpose – PERSONAL and DOMESTIC use – and therefore do not cover your use of music in your business, if you have chosen to use a personal digital music service you will require the appropriate coverage from OneMusic so that you do not infringe our copyright – for example the relevant background music package and digital copy/delivery if you are a hotel, or a Gold package (which provides you with the necessary cover under a single fee) if you are a retailer or dining establishment.

The use of such personal digital music services itself by your business may still be in breach of the terms and conditions of your end user agreement with that service. Because these permissions are actually not controlled by OneMusic all we can do is suggest you contact your personal digital music service provider to discuss with them how you are using their service in your business.

See Myths about Streaming:

How do I amend my account?

For amendments such as changes to music use, change of ownership or change of legal entity contact us at or phone 1300 162 162.

If your business has been affected by a disaster such as fire, flood, storm or drought, or if wish to request extended payment terms due to hardship, please contact our Customer Support team on 1300 162 162 or email to discuss options and put your account on hold, pending an update of the situation.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Yes you can.

OneMusic provides quarterly invoices for accounts where licence fees are in excess of $500 per year, however if this is not suitable and you are experiencing financial difficulties, all you need to do is email and request a payment extension or payment plan. Your account will be reviewed by our Credit Team, and based on the balance owing and the time frame involved we will get back to you with some options to help you through any difficulties.

Note that where we refer to quarterly invoices for accounts we calculate the per day fee by the exact number of days in the a three month period not your total annual fee divided by four, so you will see that:

  • September – November quarter is 91 days
  • December – February quarter is 90 days because leap years are not counted as an extra day
  • March – May quarter and the June – August quarter are both 92 Days

How do I cancel my account?

If you have ceased trading, if you no longer wish to use OneMusic’s musical works, sound recordings or music videos in your business, or have entered into alternative licence arrangements for some of the rights represented by OneMusic, please complete our Licence Cancellation Request form.

How do I contact OneMusic?

If you wish to speak with our friendly team, contact us at, via live chat or call us on 1300 162 162

Do I have to go through OneMusic to play music in my business?

The OneMusic licence provides the easiest and most cost effective way to access the world’s repertoire of music. There are other options, which may include direct licensing arrangements with copyright owners or solely using music outside the OneMusic repertoire.

If you make a direct arrangement for only your sound recording use or only your musical work use, contact OneMusic Australia so we can adjust your licence fee, as applicable.

^ Sirita, J. How music helps make the magic in theme parks. THEME PARK INSIDER - JUNE 2013.