New Farm barbershop in tune with what's cool

Brisbane barbershop, Mustachery on Brunswick believe that music plays a huge part of their business culture. Customer experience is at the forefront of what they do, and it’s more than just a haircut. They believe having a music licence is crucial to the health of Australian music industry, which they value deeply.


Mustachery on Brunswick are a happening barbershop nestled in the bustling district of New Farm in Brisbane’s Inner North. Priding themselves on "Cool Vibes, Good Tunes and Awesome Barbers", they’ve established themselves with a solid clientele, and an effortlessly cool reputation to match.

Owner Joanna Roberts, believes that music plays a vital role in their customer’s experience - it's important when clients are spending often long periods of time in the chair.

Barbers understand how crucial it is to establish the mood for our clients' experiences, and music is a key component in striking the correct tone. 

"We rely on music to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that puts our guests in their element and sets the perfect mood for their stay. Carefully choosing music that represents our brand, it favourably impacts both our staff and the calibre of the services we offer." Joanna says.

Curating playlists are just one option for a business owner – ready-made playlists with a particular theme or mood can be a simpler choice for those who are time-poor but still want to create the right setting for their customers. Why not ask your clients what they like and offer to queue up something special? They’ll walk out buzzing with a memorable experience and will look forward to coming back.

Mustachery On Brunswick barber attending to one of their customers.

Joanna and her colleagues try to keep the playlists fresh to avoid a stale environment for both staff and customers:

 “We frequently change up our playlist to meet the needs of our consumers. Rock, Indie, Metal, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, and other genres predominate. We also play chart-topping pop songs on occasions.”.

The Mustachery keeps atmosphere at the forefront of their service, offering cold beers and other refreshments, great music and engaging conversation along with high-quality haircuts and grooming amongst a vibrant backdrop of urban graffiti art amongst the walls.

Our brand and our clients both benefit from music. It enhances the environment of our shop. It’s a great conversation starter, finding common ground with our clients and improving our rapport with them. It improves each visit and makes it more memorable, elevating the overall client experience. 

A brief scan of their social media page shows that the Mustachery is made up of a colourful collection of staff who all have distinct interests and specialties, from 70’s culture and handlebar moustaches to rockabilly motorcycle enthusiasts, and rock stars by night. Each barber brings something exciting to the table and their music tastes are very much intertwined with their style and hair expertise, giving what they do some serious authenticity.

Mustachery On Brunswick barber in action with a client.

Being good music citizens, they believe having a OneMusic licence is imperative for a business such as theirs, especially as music is an essential component of their offerings:

"We understand the value of music licencing as a reasonable cost that helps artists and the sector as a whole. We ensure that we have the legal right to play all of the music we use in our shop by purchasing all necessary licences, which is essential from both a moral and legal standpoint." Joanna adds.

What unique flavour or style can you bring to your business to make it stand out from the rest? Find out more about licensing the tunes that will boost your morale and customer experience.


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