Deadlifts and Death Metal: A recipe for killer workouts

Deadlifts & Death Metal’s owner Elissa Jewell brought her passion for heavy music to work, carving out a highly profitable niche in a crowded suburban Melbourne fitness market and building a loyal fraternity of music-lovers from her clients.

Elissa says, “We combine advanced strength coaching with blast beats, riffs and the love of extreme music. We offer metal themed classes, small group PT and coaching for people who love to listen as hard as they lift! If metal didn't feature as part of my business model, I'd be like every other fitness business, and that's the last thing I'd ever want.

“The right music can uplift you, help you focus and be a source of bonding. We not only talk about music during sessions, but we go out to gigs together, share new and upcoming bands and albums, and generally have a shared connection over the love of heavy metal".

Bringing a niche community together to share what they love only strengthens their commitment to fitness and music, and we love to see it!

Deadlifts and Deathmetal's Elissa Jewell in her studio.

Deadlifts and Death Metal founder Elissa Jewell

Elissa’s Challenge: What music activation you create within your business model to set it apart from the rest?


Putting their money where their screaming full-tilt mouths are, Elissa Jewell has an Audoo Audio Meter installed to help pay musician royalties more accurately when their songs are played in her gym. This is a device no bigger than a mobile phone that plugs into a wall and fingerprints - in real time - what songs Elissa has playing at Deadlifts and Death Metal. The data from her gym is analysed and feeds directly into how royalties are paid from the music licence fees Elissa pays. Find out more about music recognition technology.

“Any role I can play in helping to advance the local metal scene and pay royalties to those who are upcoming is a huge bonus to me”, Elissa says. 

A licence from AUSactive partner OneMusic Australia provides permission for fitness and wellbeing businesses and instructors to play the vast majority of the music heard on radio, TV, music-streaming services as well as music that is bought online or bought from a retailer. (Even if you pay a music-streaming service to provide your music a licence is still required).  Licence fees form royalty income which are paid out direct to music creators.

Find out more about how to obtain a licence for a fitness business.

If you're a Melbourne local and metal is your scene, check out Deadlifts and Death Metal.

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