Enter now: Celebrating the ultimate dining experience 2021

Introducing the OneMusic Excellence Award: Celebrating the ultimate dining experience. Australian restaurants and cafes can now enter the 2021 OneMusic Excellence Award, part of the national Restaurant and Catering Association Awards series.

With this inaugural award in 2021, OneMusic Australia is celebrate the unique relationship between dining and music - the restaurant industry needs music to entertain just as much as the music industry needs restaurants to keep arts and culture alive.

The partnership with the Restaurant and Catering Association is a long and crucial one for the music rights management organisation.

The music industry relies on a highly skilled workforce, has adapted to technological change and contributes $16 billion to the economy, says APRA AMCOS CEO, Dean Ormston.


"(The music industry) is a national asset that is a linchpin for the tourism and hospitality sectors, and is a powerful driver of metropolitan and regional economies". 


"The right background or live music can double our enjoyment of the food, make us linger, talk about the experience afterwards... make us feel less awkward on our first dates," said Catherine Giuliano, Director of OneMusic. "In our Presto! reports, we have a whole body of work that uncovers those truths."


Music playing in a restaurant actually sparked the modern-day copyright movement. In Paris in 1847 while dining out, composers Ernest, Paul and Victor were serenaded by live musicians playing a piece they immediately recognised. They wrote it! Since they would not receive anything from the performance of their compositions at the Cafe, they refused to pay the bill. The ensuing trial started the French music rights management organisation.

How to enter

Restaurants and cafes have to complete just six questions to enter. Venues do not need to be a member of the Restaurant and Catering Association or a customer of OneMusic Australia to enter. Entry is free. Dining venues in each State have rolling deadlines to enter the OneMusic Excellence Award category so are encouraged to review the entry details.

Find out more about music licences for dining.


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