4 things Young Henrys know about business

‘Serve the people’ is their motto and Young Henrys lives and breathes it. Young Henrys have built their entire brand on supporting Australian music from up-and-coming local bands to full-scale music festivals, as well as sports teams, rec clubs, and others. They live for, and love, their community and the feeling is mutual. OneMusic sat down with Bar Tasting Manager Ross Tipper to find out exactly how Young Henrys built their business by building up others.

Jeremy Davidson and Ross Tipper share some brew over a yarn at the Young Henrys Tasting Bar in Newtown.

Know who you are and what you stand for

Having a strong set of morals cements who you are and what you offer to your customers. Wear your heart on your sleeve and like-minded people will resonate with you and be loyal to your brand. People tend to choose brands that align with their passions and beliefs – ethics, sustainability or community-mindedness. Young Henrys have established themselves as the ‘beer for musicians’, and supporting local artists is only one of their grass roots initiatives.

Following business legislation goes hand in hand with ethical practices

Just like a liquor licence or a food prep licence, you need a music licence. It isn't just a legal obligation, it is about remunerating music creators of the songs you play in-house. Music is such a cornerstone of the Young Henrys brand, they didn't think twice when getting their licensing sorted by OneMusic.

Keep it interesting

The beers Young Henrys produce are of great quality, but they also have a lot of variety. From creating a unique brew for the Ukrainian Club down the road, to a beer celebrating the Foo Fighters Australian tour, they’ve always got something new to offer with an interesting spin you’ll not find elsewhere. Their music inspired ‘Brewers B-Sides’ are a great example of keeping their selection fresh and incomparable to others, even in a massive craft beer market.

Music is a part of branding – make it your own

Music is key to community as much as liquor is – your customers take away more than just the drinks they consume when they visit your venue. Music creates (and jogs) memories and good times. Whether you host live music or create a good playlist, make sure it matches your brand and suits your demographic. This will keep your customers coming back and staying longer in your establishment. Check out our hospitality resource, Presto! for more tips on how to choose the right music for your brand.


Young Henrys know that their tasting bar has to have music that fits both the beer and the atmosphere.

Proud partner of: Indie Brewers Association and Australian Hotels Association.

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